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Model JPWQ Series - Automatic Sewage Pump



JPWQ Series Automatic Stir in the ordinary type sewage pump sewage pump based on automatic mixing device, the device with the motor shaft rotation, resulting in strong mixing power, the sediment will be stirred into the water pool suspended solids, inhalation pump discharge, aiming to halt the increase of the pump, sewage capacity, one-time completion of drainage, clean up, in addition to silt, saving running costs, is a clear advanced and practical environmentally friendly products.

  1. using its own water pump pressure, Stir sewage sludge settling tanks, thereby achieving the complete discharge of sewage pond sediment purposes.
  2. pandemic Road, anti-clogging design of hydraulic components, greatly improve the dirt, through capacity, can effectively through the pump five times the diameter of the fiber material and a diameter of pump diameter of about 50% of the solid particles.
  3. designed, and the supporting electrical and reasonable, efficient, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
  4. mechanical seal with dual-channel tandem seal, made of corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide hard, durable, wearable, can pump more than 8000 hours of continuous operation safety.
  5. JYWQ Stir the sewage pump automatic compact, small size, easy to move, easy installation, no need to build pumping stations, sneaked into the water can be done to reduce the project cost.
  6. oil center consists of oil-water probe, to pump the implementation of absolute protection.
  7. JYWQ automatic Stir sewage pump can be equipped with automatic safety protection control cabinet, the pump leakage, leakage, overload and over-temperature etc. absolute protection, improve product safety and reliability.
  8. float switch according to the required water level variation, automatic pump stop Kai, without someone to look after.
  9. motor cycles can be used outside the water jacket type cooling system to ensure the pump in the anhydrous (dry) state, safe operation.
  10. double rail automatic coupling installation system, to pump installation, maintenance bring great convenience, this may not enter the sewage pit.
  11. installation automatic coupling installation of fixed and mobile installation of two kinds of freedom to meet different usage scenarios.

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