Model KKS - Stainless Steel Weir



KWT weirs are available in various forms and are mainly used in surface and process water systems. The KKS tilting weir provides a very accurate means of controlling water levels upstream. The tilting weir can be supplied in various sizes and models for water level maintenance and flood control. The weir is either manually or actuator driven; alternative power sources, like Solar Panels, can be used for remote or inaccessible areas. 

The KWT KKS tilting weir is manufactured using stainless steel grade 304L. A highly controlled movement of the side cheeks is possible thanks to the interconnected rack-and-pinion drive
which equally transmits its force to both sides. It allows for very fine adjustment, whether controlled locally or remotely using a telemetry system.

The KKS tilting weir is also used in sewage treatment plants (STP or WWTP) when precise control of water quantities is required.

KWT also supply the KKS tilting weir with HDPE side cheeks, resulting in lower weight and a price competitive product.

For leisure boating applications, the KKS tilting weir is available in a bridgeless configuration; this way, canoes and small boats are able to pass the weir when in open position.

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