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Model KSG series - Belt Conveyor



Our belt conveyors provide high-performance continuous transportation of any bulk products.Belt conveyors provide safe and reliable transportation of the cargo while enjoying high energy saving standards. They are produced both in open and covered versions and are able to work both outdoors and in indoor area. Open version design provides unobstructed service opportunity. KSG belt conveyors are designed to handle horizontal or inclined transportation of grain crops. Maximum angle of inclination is 18˚. KMZ Industries produces belt conveyors with belts 500 mm, 650 mm, 800 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,200 mm and 1,400 mm wide.KSG belt conveyors consist of drive and return sections, intermediate sections, rollers, conveyor belt and drive. If required we are able to produce the side rollers with different slope angles: 15˚, 30˚ and 45˚. Drive sections are equipped with drums lined with corrugated rubber to decrease the number of belt off-tracks.

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