Model KUT - Vibration Screen Separator



The KUT Universal Screen Separator can clean all kinds of grain and other crops, small seeds, beans, poppy seeds, dried herbs, spices, tobacco and salt. Product is separated on the base of size difference (screen cleaning) and diverse aerodynamic properties air cleaning)

The material to be sorted goes through a pair of vibrating sieves. The vibrations are created by a pair of motors. Sieves are cleaned by flexible balls. The size of the wire mesh is based on the grain/crop and the types of impurities that are to be removed. An integrated aspiration channel offers optimal cleaning by removing light impurities like husks and dust at the output of the machine. Then it is necessary to exhaust and clean the air coming out from the aspiration channel. For this purpose we recommend using a radial fan with a vertical dust cyclone/separator. Simple construction of the machine is used for post-harvest treatment of crops in small farm as well as for special sorting and cleaning purposes. The machine is suitable for all types of sieving and sorting even when the crops are frequently changed. All parts getting into touch with sorted material can be easily cleaned.

  • High output at small dimensions
  • Efficient air cleaning light impurities in aspiration channel
  • Low-cost operation and low power consumption
  • Easy installation and commisioning
  • Easy and quick changing of sieves by one person
  • The most modern of solution with high level of reliability
  • Weld-steel construction for maximum durability
  • Efficient screen cleaning by silicon balls during operations

  • Grain cleaning and pre-cleaning in agriculture (post-harvest lines)
  • Cleaner of seeds for sowing
  • Removal of impurities and sorting material in food processing lines
  • Removal of impurities and sorting material in industrial lines

Machine is possible to complete with optional accessories:

  • Air pre-cleaner (dividing the dust before sieve cleaning)
  • De-awners, brushing machine
  • Additional sieve for cleaning of bottom sieve through
  • Suction parts of dust from through etc.

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