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Model LandMax - HDPE Pipe System



Today's land developers are being forced to find new ways to manage storm water runoff, largely because of increasingly stringent regulations and skyrocketing land values. Hancor's LandMax storm water pipe system provides the ideal solution for efficient, effective subsurface storm water retention and detention.

  • For maximum design flexibility, the LandMax HDPE pipe system utilizes Hancor products that offer complete compatibility- including Sure-Lok ST, and BLUE SEAL complemented by a wide selection of fittings, joints, couplers and adapters.
  • Providing high strength without excessive weight, LandMax high density polyethylene (HDPE) components allow easy handling and fast assembly. The end result is construction schedule compression.
  • Installed below grade, LandMax subsurface retention/detention systems increase the usable land available, providing space for parking lots, playgrounds and other facilities to be built on top.
  • Completely inaccessible to the general public, LandMax systems decrease the safety risks and added costs associated with open ponds.

  • Increases the usable land available
  • Reduces hazards and safety risks
  • Reduces system maintenance costs
  • Recharges groundwater table more efficiently
  • Increases structural integrity
  • Increases versatility of header design options
  • Easier assembly and installation
  • Reduces debris in laterals/easy cleaning
  • Resists harmful effects of salts, oils, fuels, chemicals
  • Withstands repeated freeze/thaw cycles
  • Strong, yet light in weight- easier, safer, more cost-effective installation
  • Highly abrasion resistant for longer service life than metal or RCP
  • Unaffected by extremes in pH; won't rust, deteriorate, or crumble
  • High strength (HS-25 rated) - withstands heavy traffic loads with only 12 inches (0.3m) of cover
  • Meets specific application requirements: 12 to 60 inch (300 1500mm) diameters, lengths of 20 feet (6m), perforated or nonperforated, silt-tight, leak resistant, or watertight joints, variety of header pipe designs
  • Promotes faster, more versatile system designs
  • Enables systems to meet specific application requirements
  • Reduces labor for system installation and/or modification
  • Meets unique/specialized application needs
  • Reduces labor for system installation and/or modification

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