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Model LAV10 - Tray Washer



Suitable for the washing and rinsing of the trays which are carried in vertical position on a belt. The machine can be connected to a disinfecting unit.

  • Washing, rinsing and disinfecting for all kinds of trays.
  • Frame in stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Hot galvanized steel base.
  • Top plexiglass door for nozzle inspection.
  • Water filter with extractable drawer.
  • Tray washing system with removable nozzles for an easier replacement.
  • Rinse with fix nozzles.
  • Stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump 3,7 Kw.
  • Water level control with float.
  • Overflow pipe.

  1. Exit table for water draining
  2. Tunnel for chemical treatment of the trays kw 1,5 with filter, tank capacity 48 l
  3. Fan for the tray drying tunnel
  4. Kit n. 3 stainless steel wheels (2 fixed and 1 turning) diam. 200 mm for tunnel
  5. Fan for the drying
  6. Water heating resistance kw 8
  7. Kit n. 4 turning stainless steel wheels diam. 200 mm for tray washer

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