Model LCF-2330-L - Dual Axis Inclinometer



The LCF-2330-L offers the same performance and reliablility as the standard LCF-2330 series, but with Dimensional Drawing: LCF-2330-L Inclinometer Series a convenient 4-20mA output signal. This solution is ideal for applications that require long cable runs such as
platform/radar leveling and geotechnical monitoring.

Features & Benefits

  • ±1° to ±90° Input Full Range
  • Micro Radian Resolution
  • Available Internal Temp Sensor
  • 4-20mA Output Signal
  • Superior 0° Output Stability over Temperature
  • Low Impedance Output


  • Radar & Antenna Leveling
  • Weapons Platform Leveling
  • Barge and Offshore Platform Control
  • Deviation Surveys
  • 2-Axis Machine Tool Leveling
  • Bridge Structural Monitoring
  • Submersible Control Feedback
  • Offshore Platform Stability
  • Production/Manufacturing Process
  • Equipment for Aerospace Industry

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