Model LES - Hybrid Centrifugal Pump


The stainless-steel hybrid centrifugal pump LES is an excellent alternative to the side channel pumps. It has a specially developed pump cover with an inducer and an integrated recirculation system, thus allowing it to be used successfully as a self-priming pump.

  • flow optimised volute casing and impeller designs with high efficiencies
  • dead space-free design (hygienic design)
  • excellent behaviour with liquids containing high gas shares
  • very quiet operation
  • CIP and SIP compliant
  • simple design/low maintenance costs
  • sturdy design comprising high-quality chromium- nickel-molybdenum stainless steel 1.4435 (316L) with electropolished surfaces
  • ideal for fast temperature changes thanks to sturdy design
  • option for various mechanical seal systems
  • completely drainable
  • with inducer

  • Flow rate Q max. 100 m3 / h
  • Delivery head H up to 70 m
  • Temperature range minus 30 to 130 °C, max. 145 °C (SIP)
  • Viscosity up to approx. 200 mPas
  • Nominal pressure PN10 to PN63

Foodstuffs for: Liquid egg, vinegar, concentrates, flavorings, vitamins, milk, cream, buttermilk, sauces, cooking oil, sugar solutions, salt liquor, seasonings, fatty acids, CIP return, couverture, bulkheads, fats, cocoa butter etc.

Beverages for: Mineral water, syrup, spirits, fruit juices (including fruit pulp), wine, beer, brewer's yeast, lemon juice, alcohol, liqueur, CIP cleaning, vegetable juices, iced tea, etc.

Pharmaceuticals / cosmetics for: Perfumes, emulsions, alcohols, herbal extracts, aromas, ultrapure water, WFI, PUW, HPW, CIP / SIP purification, dyes, infusion solutions, biotechnology applications, etc.

Chemicals / industry for: Alcohols, methanol, ethanol, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, deionized water, urea, glycol solutions, biodiesel, condensates, etc.

  • ATEX  for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • pharma design  for maximum safety, reliability and hygiene (surface roughnesses down to Ra 0.4 μm)
  • magnetic coupling  hermetically sealed version LESM for crystallising, toxic, flammable and environmentally hazardous liquids
  • vertical installation  for simple residual drainage
  • bearing housing  for special requirements
  • mobile  with sturdy trolley and accessories to customer requirements

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