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Model LJ 108S / LJ208D / LJ 308-T - Micropumps



Small, simple, robust and inexpensive solar powered pumps for the micro water distribution in agriculture, homes, animal water supply or irrigation are important components in decentralized and renewable powered water infrastructure.This solar submersible pump has many useful applications with solar energy in industry and household. It is an ideal combination of water and sun – environmentally friendly. It saves primary energy and physical efforts like pumping with manpower in order to obtain or distribute water. It works according to the principle: The more sunlight, the more water is pumped. Runs even in hazy weather. It is a very effective application for family gardens or small rural areas with the solar drip system.

  • A 12 W Solar panel for a depth up to 10 meters (appr. 30 ft) Type LJ108 is needed
  • A 24 W solar panel for a transport level up to 20 meters (appr. 60 ft), Type LJ208 is needed
  • A 36 W solar panel for a transport level up to 30 meters (appr. 90 ft), Type LJ308 is needed.

The pumps have a low maintenance requirement and perform automatic operation for years. The special construction allows drying operation for hours. They are robust and reliable which results into low costs for the whole system. With a low borehole cost a diameter of 6,0 cm is sufficient. The pumps are also very suitable for usage in a 2' borehole.

  • Solar direct operation (no battery operation)
  • Max. Voltage: 17,50 / 35,00 / 35,00
  • Min. Voltage: 16,20 / 32,00 / 32,00
  • Safe for dry run, overload and reverse poling
  • Diameter of pump: 4,9 cm
  • Length of pump: 52 cm
  • Length of cable and water pipe: 10m / 20m / 30m
  • Accessories of pumps: lifting rope, water pipe, foam filter, silicone tube, O-ring, main spring, hexagonal key (8mm and 3mm), resin-free oil

Sunshine                    high    medium   low

Type: LJ108S     3m      678      479       365

                        5m      521      385      285

                        7m      411      304      227

                        10m     270      180      129

Type: LJ208D    7m      438      335       244

                       10m      374      283       208

                       15m      306      225       164

                       20m      249      187       129

Type: LJ 308T  15m    422       327      242

                       20m     345      266      201

                       25m     282      210      155

                       30m     221      167      112 

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