Model LRS 3 - Laboratory Reactor System



The standard Laboratory Reactor System 3 is a simple immersion-type photochemical reactor for basic experiments. The irradiation is effected by means of a special low pressure UV lamp (15 Watt), operated by utilizing a vertically arranged immersion tube, immersed into the reaction liquid. An upgrade to UV Laboratory Reactor System 2 is possible later on, whenever it’s intended to use the TQ 150 medium pressure lamp with forced cooling.

  • Optical path: < 2cm
  • 15 W of electrical power
  • Generally adapted for liquid phase photolyses
  • Flux domain (liquid reaction systems ): mL-1 up to a few Lh-1
  • Efficient for photolyses, sensitized and photochemicaly initiated reactions
  • Sources of irradiation: VUV, UV
  • No thermoregulation required

  • One of the most frequently used reactor configuration at laboratory scale 
  • Very useful for product analyses, kinetic investigations and quantum yield determinations as well as for chemical process development 
  • Photolyses and homogeneous sensitized and photochemicaly initiated reactions

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