Model LST H2G - Purification Cartridge



The water quality exceeds all relevant standards including ASTM Type I, NCCLS Type I and ISO 3696 Type I. Up to 40 l/day, the LaboStar TWF is suitable for all applications in modern labs.

  • 2x VMD cartridge : Purification cartridge, consisting of activated charcoal, then ion-exchange resins of nuclear quality, removes the last traces of ionic, organic, colloidal materials and microorganisms
  • DF02+ : Point of use 0.2µ filter

  • Built’in 7 liters tank to store the quality III water
  • Circulation pump to provide the ultra pure water at 1.5 l/min
  • In line compensated resistivity meter
  • Conductivity monitoring of pre-treatment module and ultrapure water
  • Type I water from the dispenser with a quality of 0.055 μS/cm, equivalent to 18.2 MΩ-cm, and TOC of between 1 and 10 ppb
  • Direct from the potable water supply
  • Mounting on bench or wall with easy ready monitoring

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