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Model LT-1P - Leaf Temperature Sensor



The LT-1P sensor is a subminiature touch probe that measures absolute temperature of a leaf. The lightweight stainless steel wire clip holds a high precision glass encapsulated thermistor, which is about millimeter in diameter. Small size of the probe and its special design provide almost negligible disturbance of the natural leaf temperature. The thermistor is connected to the clip by a thin 0.15 mm leads to minimize heat conduction and response time. All conductors are proofed to avoid corrosion under the wet operating conditions.

The probe is connected by a standard 1-meter cable to the waterproof box with the signal conditioner inside.

Standard output cable length between signal conditioner and monitor is 4 meters.

Every sensor is tuned and calibrated within the measurement range. The tolerance range is ±0.08 ℃ only.

Measurement range 0 to 50 ℃
Instrumental accuracy < 0.15 ℃
Probe dimensions, mm 50 W × 20 H × 10 D
Probe weight 1.6 g
Contact area of thermistor About 1 mm2
Signal conditioner Protection index IP 64
Tolerance range ±0.08 ℃
Cable length between probe and signal conditioner 1  m
Output cable length 4  m

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