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Model LT -SHPM - Low Temperature Hall Probe Microscope



For Low Temperature Scanning Hall Probe Microscopes, we use a micro/nano-fabricated Hall sensor to measure the local magnetic flux density across the sample surface. The sensor is brought into close proximity of the sample surface using STM or AFM positioning techniques. We achieved 50nm lateral resolution at 300K.

Our systems also have MFM, AFM & STM options, so that you do not have to buy a second SPM. The standard AFM option uses dynamic mode operation with quartz crystal or Akiyama sensors. The second AFM Option that we have developed recently uses a fibre optic interferometer operating at 1320nm wavelength. You can run it in contact, non-contact and Tapping modes. The Spreading resistance/Conductive AFM, MFM and EFM are also available.

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