Model M 300 C - Ejectors



The Ejector is a mechanical device that generates the necessary vacuum for functioning of the dosing system. It consists of a drive nozzle, mixing chamber, non-return valve and an outlet connection.

  • Ordinary ejector construction is for pipes with water pressure up to 6 bar.
  • Reinforced ejectors are used for pipes with water pressure more than 6 bar.
  • Ejectors with “connection cock” are used when the ejector has to be separated from the pipeline in which there is overpressure.


The booster pump drives water through the ejector. This generates vacuum, the power of which depends on the pump pressure and permeability of the drive nozzle. Vacuum fills the ejector with gas chlorine which mixes with water in the mixing chamber. The mixture of chlorine and water is then injected into the water supply system. The non-return valve prevents irruption of water into the vacuum line.

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