Model M 50 C - Vacuum Regulators



Vacuum regulators series M 50 C function in the same way as M 20 C Vacuum regulators, with the only difference that they are designed for dosing very high amounts of gas. M 50 C regulators consist of a inlet pressure valve, regulator head and a pressure gauge, and can optionally be equipped with liquid chlorine gas trap, y-strainer and heater. The max. dosing capacity of the M 50 C vacuum regulator is up to 200 kg/h.

Gas pressure (Cl2) builds up only at the back adapter massive part of the regulator. The inlet valve prevents gas from entering the system without control. When the ejector has generated enough vacuum to overcome the force of the non-return valve, gas chlorine travels along the vacuum line through the flow meter and the dosing valve to the ejector, where it thoroughly mixes with water.

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