Model MAC Series - Incinerator Furnaces



These are small and medium size horizontal rotating pyrolitic incinerators (furnaces) with either manual loading ('batch') through the frontal door or automatic loading by means of a ram loader (hydraulic loading machine), which can be mounted only on the bigger units (starting from the model MAC300, due to the head diameter). 

They are suited mainly for slaughter house waste, biologic sludges, municipal and industrial sludges, organic liquids, animal meals but they can be used also for standard municipal waste (garbage, trash) or hospital waste (ROT).  

Normally they are supplied to municipal slaughter centers (consortia) or small mountain communities.  

They can be also coupled to a small flue gas cleaning system (AFS) and in this case the emissions levels are below the European community limits (CEE norms).  

They are available in nr.13 models with increasing inner volume starting from 500Lt. to 8000 Lt. and incinerating capacities ranging from 50Kg/h up to 600Kg/h (MAC800).  

The dimensioning must be performed only through our technical staff and the attached diagramm below is only for a preliminary evaluation.
This graph below gives the incineration rate in Kg/h versus furnace size, and normal municipal waste with PCI=1800 Kcal/Kg

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