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Model MAS-100 Iso MH - Air Sampler

The MAS-100 Iso MH is designed for monitoring microbiological contamination of the air in isolators. A unique safety concept permits the installation of various sampling heads for standard 90-100 mm Petri dishes at the critical control points while all electronic and moving parts remain outside the critical zone. The MAS-100 Iso MH has an additional internal pump with flow control for automatic disinfection of the sampling head and the aspiration tube. An innovative double valve system enables the sampling heads to be integrated into the sterilization process of the isolator. To avoid dead spaces the aspiration will continue to run during the change from head 1 to head 2. Each unit has an air pump and a decontamination pump and is fully autonomous. The MAS-100 Iso MH is built according to GAMP 5 and corresponds to the ISO 14698 norm. It is a completely validated system designed for the highest demands.


  • Operates up to 4 sampling heads with one pump
  • Lower investment and running costs
  • Unique overlapping disinfection cycle
  • Tube lengths up to 10 meters (independently calibrated)
  • Fully meets the new d50 regulation
  • Can be expanded
  • Innovative double valve system


  • Sampling Head: h x Ø 14 x 5.5 (2.7 kg)
  • Instrument: l x w x h 38 x 23 x 12 (6.8 kg)
  • Airflow: 100 SLPM
  • Sampling volume: selectable from 1-2000 liters
  • Impaction speed: approx. 20 m/sec
  • Sampling head: stainless steel and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • Operation: Direct access or over PC
  • Automatic calibration cycle:
  • Ethernet, USB, RS232 ports, Digital in/outputs:
  • Automatic in-line disinfection cycle

How the MAS-100 works

All MAS-100  Microbial Air Monitoring Systems are sieve impaction systems based on the Anderson impaction principle, accepted and proven worldwide. Air is aspirated through a perforated lid. A radial fan, controlled by a flow sensor, accurately regulates air flow real time at 100 litres/min. The air is impacted onto the surface of growth media in a 90 – 100 mm Petri dish or 55 – 60 mm Contact Plate. MAS-100  Microbial Air Samplers comply with the guidelines as specified in new ISO 14698 part1 and part 2.

Sample collection accuracy

The MAS-100  Microbial Air Monitoring Systems provide the most accurate sample collection available. The MAS-100  systems (except the MAS-100 Eco) utilize a state-of-the-art mass flow sensor to ensure a constant air flow rate of 100 litres/min. The mass flow sensor continuously regulates the air flow rate during sample collection. This allows the MAS-100  to automatically adjust for differences in fill volume of Petri dishes, changes in air density and differences between individual perforated lids.

heipha ICR* and ICRplus Settle Plates

The heipha ICR Settle Plates are produced under aseptic conditions, gamma-irradiated and triple-bagged, making them optimal for passive air sampling in isolators and cleanrooms. Furthermore, they are also suitable for personnel monitoring, as well as active air monitoring with MAS-100 microbial Air Samplers. * Isolators and Clean Rooms.

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