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Model MB 30 & 35 - Chain-Driven Self-Loading Wagons



This towed forage harvester are fitted with a chain belt conveyor unit (small companies) and withaheightadjustablefrontpick-uptoensure the homogenous harvesting of any type of product on any type of ground. The chain belt conveyor ensures that the product is conveyed gently into the rear container. Furthermore, it is designed to takeseven cutting blades protected from damage by foreign objects by means of springs that allow them to retract quickly and immediately return to the working position. The settling and delivery belt, driven by a hydraulic motor, enables even unloading of the product. All the machines' hydraulic functions are controlled directly from the towing vehicle by means of flexiblecontrols that operate via the hydraulic manifold unit mounted on the machine itself.

  • Total length (from m 5.40 to m 5.90)
  • Wagon length (from 2.35 + 0.60 m)
  • Max. height (2.50 to 2.62 m) - Min. height (2.00 to 2.12 m) - Max. width (2.02 to 2.25 m)
  • Volume DIN 11741 (8 to 10 m³) - Capacity (13 to 16 cubic metres)
  • No. of Blades/Knives (5/7 to 8/7)
  • Pick-up width (1.61 m)
  • Tyres (10.0/75x15 PR 10, 11.5/80x15 PR 10, 400/60x15.5 PR 14)
  • Axles (1) - Weight (1950 to 2100 Kg)
  • Required power (40 to 50 HP)

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