Model MCCCU-1 - Multi Conductor Camera Control Unit



complete multi conductor CCTV camera control unit electronics with wide range primary power supply and cooling fans all in just one ¾ 19”-rack.

  • 650W or 450W wide range 85-265VAC primary
    power supply for world wide use sufficient for
    intermittent operation of complete camera
    control unit
  • 48VDC cooling fans at both sides of the rack
    with special side panels
  • 300W stepdown regulator HPS10048-1-DCTRL
    for tractor DC-motor drive with current limiting
    and cable compensation
  • 300W stepdown regulator HPS10048-1-DCTRL
    for halogen (voltage source operation with cable
    compensation) or LED light (current source
  • 300W stepdown regulator HPS10048-1-DCTRL
    for cable drum DC-motor drive
  • optional 300W stepdown regulator HPS10048-1-
    DCTRL as auxiliary power supply in ROV
  • camera module and camera head DC-motor
    supply (pan, tilt and focus) switching regulator
  • auxiliary power supply AUXPS480515BP-1 +/-
    5VDC and +/-15VDC for all other power supplies
    and video overlay board
  • video overlay and RS485-master controller board
  • remote control board RC8A14D8LED-1 for
    controlling all functions of camera equipment,
    driving crawler and cable drum forward/
    backward and pan, tilt and focus of camera,
    optional second remote control board for van
  • system communication over RS485-bus with 6/7
    nodes and a 40ms system update rate
  • flexible scalable flash microcontroller
    architecture gives plenty of room for extensions
    and future development and a long lifetime of
    the complete system
  • Windows® program for service and adjustment
  • free Windows® sewer inspection program

330 x134 x 275 mm

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