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Model MDet-5000X - Heavy Metal Water Quality Online Analyzer



WDet-5000X is a new on-line automatic analyzer for heavy metal content measuring. The instrument through precise control related chemical reaction. The instrument uses the latest technology such as optical measurement,high temperature and high pressure digestion, color integration, etc, has the feature of accurate measurement, low detection limit, high reliability and good adaptability, etc. It complies with the relevant testing standards issued by the State Environmental Protection Agency, and received a certificate of the relevant state departments of environmental protection. Reagent used by the instrument can be formulated according to the national standard(the required reagent is different according to measurement occasions, measuring components, the specific operating mode needs can be consulted by company technical support).

High reliability, small amount of maintenance

  • Core components imported, high reliability, Long lifetime, suitable for long time on-line monitoring
  • Using photoelectric measurement method and special measuring algorithm
  • All parts contacted with liquid before delivery will havea special test to ensure that these parts can be used for a long time.
  • Flow path is not easy to jam through the special design

Accurate measurement, wide application scope

  • Photoelectric measurement method,sample accurately,low injection error
  • Automatic chromaticity and turbidity compensation algorithm, give full consideration to the situation of actual samples, real and reliable monitoring results
  • Unique hybrid technology of bubble agitation ensures thorough mixing of samples and reagents

Safe use, efficient analysis

  • When a reagent leakage, instruments and automatic will alarm and prompt the user for maintenance
  • Equipment has self-diagnosis function, if there is a defective, it will automatically alarm, and display name

  1. Whole instrument OEM & ODM
  2. Module parts OEM & ODM
  3. Flexible cooperation mode: retail, wholesale, distributors
  4. Environmental & industrial  monitoring solutions

  • Method:
    • potassium permanganateoxidation-diphenylcarbo-
    • hydrazide spectrophotometric(TCr);
    • diphenylcarbohydrazide spectrophotometric(Cr6+);
    • Cold atomic spectrophotometry(Hg);
    • Zinc reagent spectrophotometry(Zn);
    • Formaldehyde oxime spectrophotometric method(Mn);
    • The new silver salt spectrophotometry(Ag);
    • Spectrophotometric method(As);
    • Copper bath spirit colorimetric method(Cu);
    • Dimethylglyoxime spectrophotometry(Ni);
    • Porphyrin reagents color spectrophotometry(Pb)
  • Interval: Continuous, 1, 2, 3... 24 hours, can also be triggered by a serial port
  • Maintenance Work: < 1h/month
  • Uncertainty: ≤± 5%
  • Repeatability: ≤±5%
  • Reagent Consumption: a single set of reagents can measure 250 samples
  • Working Temperature: 5℃~ 40℃
  • Analog Output: 4-20mA output (expandable to 2-channel),  the maximum load 500Ω
  • Analog Input: 4-20mA input (expandable to 2-channel), compatible with 0-5V input
  • Relay Output: 4, flexible configuration
  • Switch Input: 2, flexible configuration
  • Communication Interface: RS485 / RS232 / USB interface  (optional)
  • PowerConsumption: 200W(220VAC,50Hz),regardless of the pump

Apply to the conditions such as mining, waste water discharge, sewage irrigation, and heavy metal pollution produced in the process of metals production.

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