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For small scale farming, lab/test facilities or when there is no access to a natural water intake. Compact systems for low water volumes or low flows. Specifically developed for Chinese conditions with high flexibility – can be designed to fit all species.

The advantages with the product?

Wallenius mini-RAS is based on high-tech water treatment technologies, designed to make sure your fish and water are healthy, free from pathogens and usable during all seasons of the year.

Wallenius mini-RAS needs less labour and has a low water consumption.

We deliver design and top engineering level. We only choose equipment of high quality for a long service life.

Wallenius mini RAS fully meets the requirements of national environmental policy.

In addition to 24 hour emergency phone support and free on-site checking, we also offer different service packages from one time service to full maintenance programmes for your whole RAS.

Wallenius Water takes on a high responsibility for the function and quality of our systems and we have well-running showcases in China.

Dimensioning of a mini RAS system for a sea horse project

We were contacted by a costumer that wanted to breed sea horses which is a sea water specie.

Before, he used to breed sea horses near the sea but it was not very convenient at all so he decided to move the farm closer to the city and his home downtown. He then had to transfer the sea water to his farm from time to time. So he decided to build a RAS to save as much water as possible.

Density weight/m2

For the adult sea horses, each tank house around 10 pairs. The system is designed to handle both adult and baby sea horses.


Since the sea horses don’t like a too high flow and water speed, the system is dimensioned for 5 m³/h. Maximum flow is 10 m³/h.

Retention time:

The total water volume is about 50 – 60 m³ and the retention time is about 10 -12 hours.


Density weight/m2: 20 species
Flow: 5 m3/h
Retention time: 10-12 hours

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