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Model ML - Intelligent Addressable Beam Type Smoke Detector



Designed with surface mounting Technologies to detect smoke through infrared beams in places that have high and wide areas (warehouse, malls, etc.). Maxlogic beam type smoke detector consists of 2 parts; receiver and transmitter. They should be installed as facing each other between the distance of 5-100m. Reflective beam type smoke detector consists 2 parts as a receiver/transmitter unit and reflector. Unit and reflector should be mounted as facing each other, distance is 5-35 meters with 1 reflector and 5-50 meters with using 4 reflectors. Detectors detect the light obstruction percentage caused by the smoke created by fire.

  • Ability to adjust itself to polluted and dirty environment
  • Three sensitivity levels can be easily adjusted
  • Continuous control of communication against the faults
  • With beam type smoke detector 1500 m2, with reflective beam type smoke detector 750 m2 protection area
  • Easy programming buttons
  • LED indicators for power, fire and fault conditions
  • Intelligent addressable and conventional models
  • Short circuit isolator models
  • Receiver-Transmitter or reflective models
  • 2 digit numerical screen for easy commissioning and setup

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