Model MP-3A - Hammer Mill



Hammer mill is used for grinding all kinds of grain cultures. Grinded material is used for farm animal and birds feeding.

  • crusher
  • cyclone stand
  • cyclone
  • tube
  • elbow
  • sleeve
  • gear motor
  • electric control box
  • loading bunker

Grains are fed to the bunker.
From the bunker, grains are supplied to the crusher through the valve, which is controlling the amount of supply.
Magnets catch metal impurity.
Ventilator blows grinded material to the settling cyclone, then, through sluice gate, to packing bags.

Model MP – 3A
Capacity, t/h Up to 3 t/h
Weight, kg 1000
Installed power, kW 45
Grinded material fraction, mm from 0,5 to 3,0
Dimensions, (length/width/height) m: 2,2/2,2/3,1
Operators 1 person
Rotor diameter (while working) mm, max. 580
Hammers, units 20
Bunker volume, m³ 0,08
Rotor frequency, min ˉ¹ 3000

  • Compact
  • Strengthened rotor
  • Final fraction can be adjusted by changing the sieve size.

European directives: 2006/42/EC
Europe standards:  EN60204-1:2006, LST EN ISO 13857:2008
National standards (specifications):  TS 7120925-16-95

Grain humidity cannot be bigger than 17%.

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