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Model MR-60 - Net Four-Component Radiometer



Four-Component Radiometer MR-60 is an instrument designed to individually measure the short-wave radiation in the visible to near/mid-infrared range and the long-wave radiation in far-infrared range in the upwards and downwards direction. When long/short-wave radiations are measured, albedo, short-wave radiation balance, long-wave radiation balance, amount of radiation balance, estimated sky temperature and estimated land surface temperature can be determined.

  • Measures 4 radiation components
  • Spectral range 285nm to 30µm
  • Measures albedo and radiation balance
  • Optional dome temperature compensation thermistor

  • Number of Channels: 4 irradiance channels, 2 temperature channels
  • Cable length: 10 m
  • Operating temperature range: -40 - 70 °C

  • Cable length: 20 / 30 m m

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