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Model OdorBOX - Air Purifiers



Litter Box Odor is a huge concern among Cat owners. Let’s be realistic a Cat Litter Box is really nothing more than an open Outhouse! Worse part is it’s indoors. This still won’t stop us from owning an indoor cat.

Think of all the negatives that come from a Litter Box:

  • nasty smell that permeates the whole house
  • germs and bacteria which become airborne
  • molds and mildew with toxic fumes
  • physically having to clean and dispose of litter and waste
  • sickness and health issues
  • allergens and breathing problems
  • friends and family don’t want to come around because of the cat odor
  • all of your clothes and personal possessions stink from the odor

This OdorBox® will give you and your cat years of trusted service. You’re Family and Friends will never know you have an indoor cat unless they see the animal. Protect and Love your Cat, Family, and be Odor Free Forever!

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