Model ODORSCRUB - Wet Scrubber



The ODORSCRUB PTS line of packed tower scrubbers is designed to be a low cost, highly effective system for removing Hydrogen Sulfide and/or Ammonia from municipal wastewater applications. The systems are based on neutralization of the H2S into a caustic solution. Recirculation will increase the concentration of the gas in solution and decrease the quantity of scrubbing solution required.

EFFICIENT: Efficiencies of 99% and better can be achieved in many situations with standard models. For more difficult conditions, the height of the packing bed can be increased to achieve the desired results.
LOW STATIC PRESSURE DROP: Well-designed airflow distribution, packing and scrubber solution hydraulics reduces the resistance to air flow. This results in a pressure drop of approximately 3' w.c. range, which in turn allows for the use of a low horsepower fan. This will save on electrical and operational costs.
LOW WATER CONSUMPTION: When recirculation is used, make-up rates are designed for a maximum of 1 gpm per 1000 cfm. In many cases the site gas concentrations do not require this amount and thus rates of 0.5 gpm per 1000 cfm are common. Please contact us for your specific application requirements.
MAINTENANCE FREE / CORROSION RESISTANT: All interior components are fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The gas and wash solution see no metal.
RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: Similar to Enduro's FRP Adsorption systems, ODORSCRUB PTS scrubbers have extra thick continuous corners and seamless corners and walls. Packing support systems are well designed for long-term reliability with low operator intervention.
LOW COST: With 14 standard sizes for volumes up to 65,000 cfm, there is a standard pre-engineered size to efficiently match all volumes. New drawings and tooling are not required thus lower capital costs verses other technologies are likely.
PROVEN PERFORMANCE: These have been produced and have long-term proven performance since the 1960's. Enduro is proud of its commitment to quality and performance.
CUSTOM TOWERS: If these standard systems do not fit your needs, with our experience and knowledge we are happy to help you with your specific treatment requirements in designing a custom system.
MULTIPLE TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: In many cases not one technology will result in the best performance and costs. Enduro designs and manufactures a full line of different treatment technologies. For example, in cases where there is a very high level of H2S, it may be more cost effective to utilize an ODORSCRUB PTS followed by a HAWK odor control absorption system.

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