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Model OMA-300 - Continuous Emissions Analyzer (CEM) System



The OMA is a scalable, solid state emissions monitoring technology with the detection limits needed for the EPA regulations of tomorrow.

  • Measure as many chemicals as you need
    Add/remove analytes at any time
  • Integrated detection technologies
    The best sensor for each analyte
  • Single unified interface
    All sensors read to the central HMI

  • Fast, continuous reading
    Analyzer response time is 1 to 5 seconds
  • No false positives
    Interfering chemicals can be corrected for by AAI’s multi components algorithm*
    *Provide sample matrix to AAI for verification
  • Huge dynamic range
    Remains accurate through wide changes in concentration

  • Unattended operation
    Stabilized by Auto-Zero; remote operation optional
  • Inherently safe design
    Sample fluid never enters analyzer enclosure Learn more
  • Customizable alarms & outputs
    4-20 mA analog outputs; MODBUS; Hart... View technical specs

EPA Compliance

  • Robust data logging
    Easily configure storage settings via HMI
  • Rich trend data
    Due to high measurement frequency

Cost of Ownership

  • No consumables/reagents
    Other than zero fluid
  • Proven low-mainentance
    Only requires monthly optics cleaning
  • Long-life xenon light source
    Averages 5 years between replacement
  • Solid state instrument
    Outlasts competing models due to lack of moving parts


  • Hazardous area certifications
    Class I Div 1 & 2; ATEX; GOST... View certifications
  • No shelter required
    Rugged instrument suitable for outdoor installation

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