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Model ORPscan10 - PocketORPTester



ORPscan10 Pocket ORP Tester is used to monitors CHEMICAL reactions, quantify ion activity, or determine the oxidizing or the REDUCING properties of samples. The meter is widely used in pharmaceutical research, aquaculture and food processing industry, etc..

  • Absolute or Relative mV measurements provides accurate readings.
  • Single point offset calibration allows you adjust displayed value to a known standard.
  • Hold FUNCtion freezes Current displayed value for easy viewing and recording.
  • Auto-power off feature helps you effectively conserve battery life.
  • Setup menu  lets the user customizes Automatic or manual hold function, auto-power off feature to meet your personal preferences.
  • Reset feature allows user to resume all of the default settings.
  • Replaceable ELECTRODE reduces Maintenance The replacement Costs.
  • Waterproof feature to ensures complete protection in harsh environments.

 Order code and Accessories:

  • ORPscan10
  • Batteries and Carrying Case

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