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Model OT-WP1G - Tap Water Sanitation



It is directly connected with tap which has adaptor ,you can see from picture has small adaptor and has switch on that adaptor for narmal tap water and ozonated water for drinking purpose, so when you need direct drink water you can get it, when you need normal tap water just has normal top water.

Input Voltage: 220/50Hz, 110/60Hz  
Input Current: 100mA  
Ozone Output: 1 g/hr  
Water Flow rate: 2-3 LPM  
Ozone Concentration: 0.2-0.3 ppm  
Gross Weight:2.2kg  
Dimension: 315 x 235 x 70 mm

Rinse all your fruit and vegetables with ozonated water to kill bacteria and pesticides. Clean babies bottles etc. using the ozonated water to sterilise. Drink ozonated water for O3 therapy.

Above shows a wall installation but this could very easily be installed under the counter by drilling a hole behind the tap for the pipes and sealing it with silicon glue. Diffuser on tap has 2 positions, 1 for plain water and 1 for sanitised water.

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