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Model Out EZ - Odor Control Systems



Odor Out EZ is a liquid concentrate formulated from essential oils for the control of odors in a wide variety of applications including wastewater, process water, compost sites, landfill sites, agriculture and solid waste. Odor Out EZ may also be used to eliminate odors from tobacco smoking as well as in fire and flood restoration. It will not harm fibrous materials. Diluted Odor Out EZ complexes with odor molecules to neutralize odor immediately upon contact. It penetrates porous surfaces as well.

Odor Out EZ is diluted with 15 to 200 parts water to each part of product before application. Dilution rates vary with the magnitude of the odor and the application mechanics.

Odor Out EZ may be metered into a waste flow, sprayed on the surface of lagoons, sprayed on the surface of sludge and solid waste, or atomized or misted. Spraying may be accomplished with backpack sprayers, spray trucks, or a fire hose. Typically a beginning dose rate and dilution rate is determined according to the recommended dose and dilution for the type of waste. An optimal dose rate may be determined in subsequent applications by cutting back on the beginning dilution or dose rate until the desired degree of odor control and frequency of application is obtained at the least amount of cost.

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