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Neve Envirronement

Model OXY 22-70 - Micro-Range Stations


RANGE OXY of 22-70 Inhabitants Equivalents (EH): Compact, simple and very economical. Micro-stations OXY range are compact systems for domestic wastewater treatment operating on the principle of forced oxygenation (activated sludge). The range proposed in semi-collective sanitation includes 6 models from 22 to 70 Inhabitants Equivalents.

Wastewater treatment plant activated sludge with surface aerator, from 5000 to 15 000 liters, high density polyethylene including:

  • cell activation.
  • Cell clarification.
  • Engine, sealing reinforced with stainless steel shaft.
  • Turbine oxygenation cast aluminum.
  • Device for recycling sludge (pump).
  • alarm control box and protection.


  • Wide range: 22 EH; EH 30; EH 40; EH 50; EH 60; 70 EH
  • Ultra-economical due to their simplicity
  • Ultra compact: low footprint
  • Handy and easy to install
  • Simple and robust design (HDPE)
  • No visual impact
  • No odor nuisance

technical specifications 

Materials tanks: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

treatment capacity from 22 to 70 EH EH

Oxygenation: by turbines cast aluminum (surface aerators / MBA)

Complementary filtration optional for rejection sensitive environment: oxybox F or filtroz 2.5 -we consult

Silo for optional sludge

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