Model P - Peripheral Pump



The characteristics of the peripheral pump P make them suitable for use in a wide range of industrial sectors where small volumes are to be pumped against high pressures. They can also be installed in applications at a low intake head without creating cavitational problems.

  • Pumping of low flow rates at high pressure without pulsation,
  • Good adjustability with frequency converter due to steep linear pump characteristic, 
  • The symmetrical design is suitable for both left and right rotation,
  • Insensitive to cavitation with low inlet heights,
  • Construction of 1.4435 (316L) with electro-polished surfaces, 
  • SiC bearing and ceramic shaft to prevent abrasion and wear,
  • Various shaft sealing systems (mechanical seals) available.

  • Flow rate Q max. 7 m3/h
  • Delivery head H up to 100 m
  • temperature range minus 50 to 200 °C
  • (type MP)
  • Viscosity < 150 mPa s
  • Nominal pressure up to PN40

  • Food industry: vinegar, concentrates, flavourings, vitamins, milk, cooking oil, fatty acids, CIP etc.
  • Beverage industry: Mineral water, syrup, spirits, fruit juices, lemon juice, alcohol, liqueur, CIP, beverage-concentrates etc.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Perfumes, emulsions, alcohols, flavourings, WFI/PUW/HPW, CIP/SIP, proteins, essences etc.
  • Chemicals and industry: Lyes, acids, alcohols, methanol, ethanol, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, urea, colorants, decalcifier, glycol solutions etc.

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