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Model PC - Pre Cleaner

The PC pre-cleaner is suitable for grading and calibration of all kinds of products. In standard construction, the PC machines are delivered with the following features. The PC-600 and PC-1000 is fitted with inlet with weightloaded valve. The PC-1250 and PC-1500 is fitted with inlet with feed roll. The screen system consists of one sieveboat with 1 scalping screen layer and 1 long grading screen layer; both with adjustable inclination of 4°, 6°, 8° or 11°. Each screen layer consists of 2 screen parts and all screens are rubber ball cleaned. The PC does not have an aspiration system. The machine is complete with fixed speed drive and motor. The machine is of steel construction with sieve boat of laminated wood; standard paint is green RAL6024.

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