Model PEA - Sample Valve



The sample valve PEA type give the ability to take samples of viscous or cherged producrs inside a tank.


The PEA valve is a process line accessory to be used for clear or viscous liquid products from group 2. It designed for taking sample with high viscosity or that contain solid particles, from liquid process installations. This sample valve is used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biotechnology industries and any other sector that requires sanitary type equipment.

Operating principle

The PEA valve is highly reliable. The wide aperture body allows samples to be taken directly from the tank on which it is welded; thus avoiding any retention area between the membrane and the installation. Its compactness allows the valves to be easily mounted in a niche.

Moreover the shape of the sampling chamber allows easy and efficient sterilisation by either connection of the valve to CIP or injection of a sterilising solution. The valve is automatic; the membrane is connected to a single acting pneumatic actuator, which allows a complete opening. The release of the 7mm membrane permits to take samples with solid particles.

  • Hygienic design reinforced with flush body
  • Designed for viscous sticky and charged products
  • Manual or automatic
  • Flame or SIP/CIP fluid circulation sterilisation

Materials: Parts in contact with product: 1.4404 stainless steel (316L)
Membrane: silicone

The standard versions of the PEA sampling valve are proposed in ND 15.
In the standard version, it is supplied with a smooth sampling inlet and 2 outlets to weld; it can be cleaned circulating CIP or SIP products.
Its manual head opens and closes by screwing / unscrewing its head.
In the standard version, working pressure must not exceed 4 bars, and temperature 120°C.
The elastomers are US FDA compliant.


  • ATEX version (on automatic valve)
  • Command by a simple pneumatic actuator, position detection possible.
  • Clamp inlet.
  • One outlet for flame sterilization
  • Connections to spout(s):
  • male 1/2'', 1/4'' or 3/8'' left-hand thread
  • clamp, mini-clamp or micro-clamp
  • fluted
  • Membrane adapted to working conditions (EPDM, FKM, nitrile)
  • Other grades of material on demand

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