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Simex s.r.l.

Model PL25.10 - Self-Levelling Standard Flow Planer



Attachment designed for planing small trenches, crossings or scarifying the top layer of asphalt. Ideal for mounting on skid steer loaders not fitted with high flow systems, as well as small hydrostatic drive loaders and backhoes.

Independent right-left depth adjustment (possibility to create sloped surfaces) in combination with the self-levelling feature allow:

  • perfect levelling of planed surfaces as side-by-side planing eliminates height differences;
  • perfect grip when planing on uneven pavement, sidewalks, rises and bumps.
  • Hydraulic orbital motors with direct cutter drum drive mean high performance and reduced overheating. Application without drainage possible.
  • Low maintenance costs limited to the replacement of worn teeth.

* The user is responsible for checking that the prime mover meets the equipment's specifications and weight requirements.

Width: 250 mm
RH/LH depth: 0-70 mm
Mechanical side shift: 750 mm
Required oil flow: 30-60 l/min
Required oil pressure: 240-160 BAR
Operating weight*: 350 Kg

Drums having different width can be mounted originally or can be replaced subsequently.
It allows do vary left and right side milling depth independetly through two hydraulic cylinders provided instead of the mechanical one provided in standard version.

Integrated water kit allows to dull dust and to extend teeth working life.

It's positioned inside side shift, it have not any encumbrance.
It's compeltely knocks and damages .
Made in plastic material, it conteins 110 water litres and it includes electro pump and two sprayers kit.
Not assembly and maintenance time.
Easy and confortamble to refill and to check water available level in tank.

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