Model Pro800D - Hi-Power Wire and Valve Locator



The Pro800D Underground Wire and Valve Locator for sprinkler and irrigation professionals sets a new standard for features and functionality.  The Pro800D replaces the best selling Pro800 locator, modifying the transmitter battery power from rechargeable to 8 D cell batteries.

Precision technology. At its finest.

Incorporating all of the features of the standard Pro700, the technologically advanced Pro800D offers several features you simply can’t find in other similarly priced wire and sprinkler valve locators:

  • 20% more transmitter power
  • Wireless broadcast mode for simple cable connection
  • AC interference/buzz removal
  • Null or peak tracking receiver/wand

Underground wire & valve location beyond expectations.

But don’t just take it from us.

With the Pro800D, Armada Technologies has revolutionized the way we track and trace underground sprinkler wires and lost solenoids. With a combination of high performance and affordability, the Pro800D along with it's predecessor, the Pro800, has dominated the irrigation blogs, message boards and distributor counters because it can do what no other wire and valve locator can do!


  • Power output — 950v P-P
  • Transmitter battery — 8 D Cell Alkaline
  • Receiver battery — 1 9v square (included)
  • Distance — up to 4,000 feet
  • Depth — up to 8 feet
  • Weight — 8 pounds (entire contents)
  • Warranty — 12 months from date of purchase

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