Metan FZCO

Model PS-70 - Screw Oil Press



Screw oilpress of the brand ПШ-70 is intended for preliminary oil pressing from the oilseeds. It is used in the technological process of obtaining oils according to the scheme of double pressing. After a short regulation of the press it can be used in forpressing or in single-stage pressing.

  • Productivity (sunflower seeds), tons/day. not less: 60-70
  • Residual oil content, %: 18-22
  • Number of screw shaft revolutions, rpm: 18-37
  • Determined electrical power of three-speed electric motor, kilowatt: 30-45

Dimensions, mm, not more

  • Length: 4550
  • Width: 1000
  • Height: 1700
  • Weight, kg, not more: 4800

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