Saint Dizier Environnement

Saint Dizier Environnement

Model PVX - Flow Limiter



Implantation of the limiter in the downstream. Suitable for low flow rates.

Rainwater management (alternative techniques and flow limits on the plot)
  • Design:
    - Passage section x3 with respect to a nozzle
    - Constant wide passage section even for low flow rates
    - Siphon water inlet
    - Compact equipment
    - Extractable model from TN

  • Economic equipment

  • Adaptability: adaptation plate option

  • Availability: apparatus in stock

Size: From 1 to 15 l/s

Limitation of rainwater flows downstream of the retention basins, valleys, hydraulic structures

  • Stainless steel vortex with a minimum quality of 304 L on support plate made of very thick PEHD

  • Nominal diameter from 40 to 180 mm


Tangentially supplying a circular chamber creates, through the increase in upstream pressure, a vortex current with the formation of an air core at the centre of it. The simple effect of the current allows for the limitation. The vortex effect limiter behaves as a hydraulic resistance and makes it possible to increase the reliability of the limiting system by a large passage section that is always constant.

  • Adaptation plate for connection to higher DN - ADAPTPVX

  • Prefabricated manhole made of composite polyester with a built-in PVX flow limiter - REGARDPVX

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