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Model PZ 1832 PRIMA - Variable Chamber Baler



The new SIPMA PZ 1832 PRIMA variable chamber round baler is designed for harvesting hay, straw and green fodder for hay silage. Onboard computer monitors the performance of the critical baler features, enables control on the process of bale forming from the tractor cab. It allows adjusting the bale diameter and its compaction in three variants:

  • setting uniform compaction for the core and outer layer,
  • for the core and outer layer separately,
  • separately for the core and outer layer and additionally increased compaction during the final bale forming,
  • controls the uniform filling of the chamber,
  • automatically initiates the wrapping,
  • indicates the actual processing operation,
  • indicates the number of produced bales and measures efficiency.

Baling chamber consists of five seamless belts which allow producing the bales from 0.80 to 1.90 m in diameter.

Wide pick-up and rotating feeder significantly increase the transport capacity of the material and efficiency of the harvest.

Chamber of the baler made from Domex steel ensures strength, rigidity of the construction and reliability in use.

Laminate press covers protect mobile elements of the machine and make it look dynamic and modern.

Automatic bale wrapping with the planned wrapping number.

Shredder features 11 shredding knives. It ensures a higher density of the bales which provides excellent ensilage conditions and improves the harvest economy.

Net wrap and wide tires are standard equipment of the baler.

Wide angle PTO shaft with automatic clutch ensures possibility of working with the machine during turns and protects the machine against damage.

Pneumatic brakes ensure security on the public roads and during work on the mountainous terrain.

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