Model PZ100 and PZ150 - Chain Scraper Conveyors


Scraper (chain) conveyors: PZ100 and PZ150 are designed for horizontal transport of all kinds of grain and seeds, granulates and other loose materials at an max. angle of up to 15 degrees from the horizontal level. These devices are made from high quality galvanized steel. All connections are made with the use of bolted joints, which facilitate installation and seasonal maintenance.

Lining of the conveyor floor and rolls running the chain are made of a hard to abrase HDPE material which increases durability and reduces demand for the drive power and causes less damage to grain. Conveyors have been designed as modular devices consisting of the drive station, terminal station and an indirect trough (pipes) of three different lengths of 1.4 m, 2.1m, 2.8 m. This solution enables to install the conveyor to any process line. Conveyors depending on the specifications of the model have the capacity for the PZ100 from 60 to 120 t/h and for the PZ150 from 100 to 150 t/h. Additionally, it is possible to equip the conveyor with a motion sensor and various valves.

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