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Model Q1000 - Microinverter


Sparq is pleased to introduce the Q1000 - a revolutionary new microinverter that will reset industry standards. The Q1000 is not just the first 4-in-1,1000-Watt, microinverter on the market, it's the first microinverter to support smart grid functionality requirements.

The Q1000 enjoys all the benefits of a traditional microinverter - better energy harvest, improved safety, simplified design and installation,  and increased reliability. However, unlike traditional microinverters that have one PV module inputting into one microinverter the Q1000 allows for inputs from up to four PV modules and provides independent maximum peak power tracking (MPPT) for each. The result is a microinverter that installs fast. Based on its per Watt rating, the Q1OOO has the highest real power output, maximum power density, and lowest weight in the industry.

The Q1000 is designed to last as long as the solar module - 25+ years, providing best-in-class returns on your investment. Our patented design and software enables us to eliminate the use of short-life electrolytic capacitors and other unreliable components. The Q1000 is backed by a 12-year limited warranty, with the option to extend it to 25 years.

Sparq is the first company to deliver a smart microinverter that is advanced grid ready. Unlike any  competitors, the Q1000 can deliver full reactive power control and VAR compensation.

The Q1000 provides for individual module monitoring via wireless Zigbee communications.The optional data collection and communications gateway allows for high visibility monitoring, including remote access, cloud support, and a simple mobile device access.

Easy to Install

  • One Quad unit for every four panels
  • Fewer units to manage and install
  • Cabling has fewer drops
  • Industry standard cabling &Amphenol connectors


  • Reactive power control ready
  • High visibility, module level monitoring
  • Simplified web and mobile consumer apps

Most Reliable

  • Electrolytic capacitor-free design for ultra long life
  • Made at a leading manufacturer in the USA
  • 25-year warranty

Maximum Financial Return

  • Lowest initial capital cost per Watt
  • Reduced install, design, and BoS costs
  • Long life
  • Maximum real power production

High Energy Harvest

  • High System performance with per-module MPPT
  • Elimination of burst mode operation in low-light, which enhances real energy production
  • Highest real energy output

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