Model QC - Bacteria Growth Analysis System


The reader/analyzer is an adaptation of the Microbionetics CultureStat system which is currently being sold to medical laboratories for the rapid detection of bacterial isolates in medical laboratories. The CultureStatTM system has been proven to detect bacterial isolates in 1-2 hours at an accuracy equal to or better than current practice conventional microbiology method (plate). The QC Reader 2033 is a spectrophotometer that measures 2 wavelengths: UV (cell respiration) and IR (cell mass). The unit takes a first read (start benchmark) and the ampoule is then incubated. Subsequent reads will show microbial growth (or lack of) from the first read over time. The test indicates log-phase growth (active bacteria) only, unlike other cultures that can indicate lag-phase bacteria which often provides false positives.


  • Capability to process batches of up to 50 tests simultaneously
  • Eliminates traditional times for test incubation
  • Dual channel digital outputs for each test reading (microbial respiration and cell mass) which eliminate chemical false positives
  • Increase the type of microbial tests reader capable, Total microbe, Coliform, E. coli, IRB and SRB
  • Simple reader standardization/calibration


  • Automatic link to PC software
  • PC user software capabilities to export, store, search, sort, and map data


Number of Cells: 1
LCD: 2 x 16
Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.1” x 5.1” x 6.5”
Weight: 16 oz.
Operating ConditionsTemperature: 68o F- 75oF
Voltage: 12 +/- 3 VDC
Power: 750 mW (max.)
Data Retention: Yes
Self Test: Yes

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