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Model QL-2000/3000 - Hydrogen Generator (Pure Water)



QL series hydrogen generator has obtained CE certification from the European Union. It uses the world's leading SPE (PEM) technology to produce hydrogen from pure water. No need to use dangerous and expensive hydrogen cylinders. high purity hydrogen (99.999% to 99.9999%), stable flow set, safe and convenient to use, has a plurality of alarm devices (overpressure alarm, water alarm, water alarm). the operation is simple, safe and reliable water electrolysis hydrogen production, i.e. starting power may be gas (gas for multiple use). High electrolysis efficiency, long-term use, purity and flow rate are not attenuated. high reliability, simple daily use and maintenance. can meet the requirements of various domestic and international GC use ^ no corrosion and no pollution.

The QL-type hydrogen generator series which uses SPE technology to electrolyze pure water (to prevent alkali addition) to produce high-purity hydrogen is a kind of high-tech patented product with light weight, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

  • GC (gas phase) gas and carrier gas
  • ELCD (conductivity detector) reaction gas
  • ED (atomic emission spectrometer) reaction gas

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