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Model RAM2000 G2 - Open Path FTIR Air Monitoring System


The RAM2000 G2 is a completely innovative open path FTIR monitoring system. The G2 is a remote air monitoring system designed to perform long-term unattended continuous operations. It remotely detects and quantifies hundreds of chemicals in real time and presents speciated concentrations of chemicals at ppb levels.

 It includes all of the proven features of the the original RAM2000 FTIR system like: 

  • Low noise - external linear power supplies
  • Thermally stabilized bench
  • Scan indicator lamp
  • Elapsed time meter
  • RMMSoft software with patented algorithms

G2 Users can easily reconfigure the FTIR system to perform active, passive, or extractive (cell) monitoring. All G2 optics are field adjustable to improve performance. 
Users can choose the LN2 filled detector dewar or a closed loop sterling engine cryo-cooler. 

G2 has state of the art electronic circuit boards including a powerful and flexible on board integrated controller with an 18-bit ADC and Ethernet Interface.

The RAM20000 G2 FTIR is controlled by the award winning RMMSoft™ with patented signal processing algorithms and automated processes such as adaptive background filtering and automatic water vapor-alignment

The RAM2000 G2 can be procured with the following accessories:

  • integrated autopositioner to monitor for multiple beam path lengths
  • integrated weather station for meteorological monitoring
  • integrated automatic LN2 auto-fill (forLN2 dewars)
  • integrated single pass or multi-pass gas cells.

Applications for the RAM2000 G2 open path FTIR include:

  • fenceline & perimeter monitoring
  • leak detection
  • emissions determination
  • remote sensing of flares and plumes
  • emergency response monitoring
  • greenhouse gas monitoring
  • chemical agent detection
  • subways

Overall, users familiar with the first RAM2000 system will find the G2 easy to operate since primary software features remain the same. Users will benefit greatly from the improved hardware design. and appreciate the improved performance.

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