Model RBS - Stationary Straw Multi Shredder



Cormall´s stationary RBS multi shredder shreds your straw economically  and efficiently, irrespective if you are using conventional, large or round bales.

A special construction ensures a high capacity and low power consumption. Straw is feed from the BT170 tables into the shredder and level sensors keep an even depth of material in the tube. The tube rotates and ensures that there is always material being feed to the totating blades. The capacity is contolled by raising and lowering the grid over the rotor and/or tube rotation speed. Both the tube and rotors are reversible to save downtime changing blades and there is a stonetrap placed before each rotor. Straw falls into a transport auger, over a second stone trap and to the hammer mill.

The RBS 260 schreds your straw economically and efficiently, whwther it is a question of big, square and small bales


The shredding rotor is equipped with knifes. On both sides is placed a primary stone trap for protection of the knifes.

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