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Model RH711 - Infrared Temperature Detector



RH711 Integrated spot inspector ROZH has developed a new generation integrated spot inspector RH711 to meet the increasing demand of network equipment condition monitoring and faults diagnosis, used for daily spot inspection. RH711 has integrated the function of temperature measurement, vibration measurement, Single-Plane Balance,manual input, and equipments identification, etc. It is especially suited to the customer of flow industry, compliance with the special rules of industrial field. Features Integrated 30:1 infrared temperature detector, vibration measurement and manual input function, meet the requirement of daily spot inspection. Capable of time domain waveform and frequency spectrum analysis function The large LCD true color, working platform Chinese, having a friendly human-machine interface, operation is more convenient. It offers Single-Plane Balance method. iButton, enrich the technical method of spot inspection management.

Items: Specification
Input: CH1VibrationICP accelerometer voltage±5V AC
Data acquisition: Frequency span210kHz
parameters: Sample frequencyMaximal 25.6KHz
Hardware Integralintegration, double integration
A/D conversion16 bit
parametersSampling frequencyhigh pass filterhigh pass
filterSampling length
Waveform length1024204840968192
Lines 4008001600Lines
Averaginglinearitypeak hold
Equipped infrared: Temperature range030
temperature: Precision±2%, ±2℃
detector: Emission rate01adustable
Distance coefficient301
Single-Plane Dynamic Balance: Balance methodmethod of influence coefficient
LCD: 2.8inches, 320×240 pixels, 260K true color
Working environment: temperature-1050℃
humidity95% without condensate
protection grade IP54, dust screen, waterproof
Working time: working Time (Continuous) >10 Hours
Communication: USB2.0
iButton: iButton 1990A
Dimension: height×width×depth156×80×46mm
grip sizewidth×depth52×28mm

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