EDS Electronic Detection Systems
EDS Electronic Detection Systems

Model RK100-BS - Optical Beam Smoke Detector



The RK100-BS is an End-to-End Optical Beam Smoke Detector with separated Trasmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX). The RK100-BS detector has a maximum optical path of 120m. Their operation is based on the relation between the smoke present in an environment, generated by the starting of a fire, and the infrared beam emitted by the transmitter towards the receiver. It is also able to detect the presence of vapour and fog. A fundamental feature of this detectors is the ability to detect the presence of both white smoke and black smoke even if they are little dense. This detectors have been specifically designed for industrial applications where quality, reliability, precision and easyness of use have primary importance. RK100-BS is different from the RK100-B model because it doesn't have the second detection circuit (turbulence/heat).

  • Weight 1,600 kg
  • Supply 11- 30 Vcc
  • Power Consumption 28,1 - 59,5mA
  • Dimensions 247 x 146 x 114 mm.
  • Index of protection IP 65
  • Temperature -10 + 55°C
  • Outputs 2 Relay / 0-5Vcc
  • Certifications VDS: G209131 CPD: 0786-CPD-20803

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