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Model RK70-B - End to End Optical Beam Smoke Detector



The RK70B is a barrier(TX+RX)  linear beam optical smoke detector. The operation  is based on the relation between the smoke present in an environment, generated by the starting of a fire, and the infrared beam emitted by the transmitter towards the receiver. The RK70B is also able to detect the presence of vapour and fog. A fundamental feature of this detector is the ability to detect the presence of white smoke and black smoke too if it's not very dense. This detector is exspecially suitable for applications where the aesthetics element, the small dimensions, the possibility of remote control and the simplicity of use have a primary importance. The most important types of environments where the RK70R is usually installed are museums, churches, offices, hotelsetc.

  • Weight 0,250 kg
  • Supply 12-24Vcc
  • Power Consumption 14 mA
  • Dimensions 162x62x63 mm
  • Index of protection IP 50
  • Temperature -10 +55°C
  • Outputs relè + analogica
  • Certifications Ministerial Approval: N° 3503/295

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