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Model RootCell - Structural Support Modules


RootCells were developed in 2001 as load-bearing structural systems composed of pipe modules filled with quality soil for use in parking lots and sidewalks. The strongest available soil cell system, RootCells allow trees in urban settings to have large, healthy root systems, thriving in quality, uncompacted soil. RootCells structural soil support modules are assembled into a skeletal framework – or matrix – that provides large volumes of soil within a structure for the easy growth of roots, while also supporting sidewalk loads.  With 90% soil volume, RootCells promote multiple rooting patterns and maximizes the root area required by urban trees to grow.

The Benefits

  • RootCells have been independently proven to sustain evenly distributed loads of up to 8 tonnes per sq.ft.
  • When loaded with top soil, a RootCell module is 92% soil by volume
  • Maximizes the rooting area for urban trees
  • Can be installed easily in module form
  • Constructed from 100% recycled plastic
  • Long-term root-zone management is possible when installed in conjunction with GreenBlue RootRain & Root Director (as shown)
  • Promotes multiple-rooting patterns which are more suited to urban locations

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