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Model RS-500 - Advanced Digital Gamma-Ray Spectrometer



Introducing the revolutionary RS-500 digital airborne gammaray spectrometer to be used for the detection and measurement of low level radiation from both naturally occurring and man-made sources. When flying remote areas, in extreme weather conditions and with a limited flight budget it is important to know you have the technology you need to gather high quality radiological survey data, accurately the first time.

Superior Technology

The RS-500 supercedes all other airborne system due to the fact it utilizes advanced, leading edge DSP / FPGA * technologies, making all current available systems obsolete by a significant factor, thus placing the RS-500 in a class of it's own.

The RS-500 is a fully integrated system that includes an individual Advanced Digital Spectrometer (ADS) for each crystal within the detector box.   The ADS is a high resolution (1024 channel) gamma spectrometer that makes the measurement of both the naturally occurring and man made radioactive elements as transparent and automatic an operation as possible, with minimal interaction from the user.

Easy to use, operator friendly

Although the system is designed for minimal operator interaction, the user can monitor the data and system performance with their own data acquisition or on a computer with the RadAssist software. The RadAssist software provides a variety of displays for system set-up and performance monitoring.

A high level of self-diagnostics and performance verification routines are implemented with automatic error notification. With the multiple data verification methods employed, the user is assured that the resulting maps and products they produce for their customers are of high quality and accuracy.

  • Industry leading technology and performance
  • 1024 channel resolution
  • Individual crystal ADC and processing
  • No distortion as each crystal output is fully linearized permitting multi-crystal summing without distortion
  • Effectively no signal degradation
  • No radioactive test sources required for system setup or system performance validation
  • Extremely wide dynamic range
  • High level of self-diagnostics
  • Worldwide usability, fully multi-peak automatic gain stabilization on natural isotopes
  • Easy system integration into users data systems
  • Data compression - individual crystal spectral data storage can be achieved with no effective increase in data volume

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